Competitions of Projects

The St. Petersburg Initiative should be one of the tools to assist the Government in carrying out tasks when creating a regulatory and legal environment, so that it could encourage businesses to provide active support for global environmental initiatives. Participation in projects aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment should be beneficial to all parties.

Among the promising new projects, proposed were: the creation of a regional monitoring network of the catchment area of the Baltic Sea; development of a system of environmental education for the population and local authorities; supporting the initiative on the establishment of a training and production center for the application of technologies in processing poultry products and livestock; and consideration of the possibility of establishing an innovation center for the implementation of the water partnership of Russia and the European Union.

Competition subjects:

  • Environmental security and fight against harmful substances
  • Eutrophication
  • Preservation of biodiversity and nature protection
  • Field of activity in the sea
  • Monitoring of the Baltic Sea