Putin concerned about environmental situation in Russia


Russia's president calls for focusing on restoration of three Russian lakes - Baikal, Ladoga, Onega.

President Vladimir Putin said he was concerned about the environmental situation in Russia.

The president has called for adopting a strategy on environmental security. He considers the environmental protection expenditure insufficient.

“It is necessary to work out and adopt a strategy on Russia’s environmental security,” Putin said, adding “It will contain the assessment to external and internal threats and a threshold index of security.”

“Frankly saying, we’re spending little money for this purpose - only 0.8 percent GDP,” the president said.

“At present, the man-made impact on the environment continues to grow. Experts say the environmental situation on 15 percent of Russia’s territory is dissatisfactory,” Putin said at a session of the Russian Security Council on Wednesday.

Vladimir Putin also called for focusing on the restoration of three Russian lakes - Baikal, Ladoga and Onega. “The most serious attention should be paid to the restoration of Baikal Lake and the water resources of Ladoga and Onega lakes,” the president said.

Putin recalled that all decisions were taken to invigorate the Baikal natural park. However, the president stated that these decisions are being fulfilled slowly.

Speaking on Ladoga and Onega Lakes, Putin noted that “a worse quality of their waters may result in the problems with drinking water supplies in the whole North-Western region of Russia.” “We should work on this issue in detail at federal and regional levels,” the president said.

Source: ITAR-TASS News Agency