Plenary meeting. March 2014


The creation of a joint "Green Technology and Alternative Fuels Platform for Shipping" was agreed upon last month at the HELCOM Ministerial Meeting, attended by all the Baltic coastal states and the EU as HELCOM Contracting Parties. The idea behind the platform is to gather national administrations, industry, research community and NGOs involved in green technologies and alternative fuels. The platform is currently emerging and a joint event for 16 January 2014 is currently organised by HELCOM, the Finnish presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS), Baltic Development Forum (BDF) and the Northern Dimension Partnership for Transport and Logistics (NDPTL). The platform is also related to the activities around the "St. Petersburg initiative", an international network to unite governmental, business and financing organizations for Baltic Sea cooperation established at the St. Petersburg summit April 2013.

Meeting Program