Ministry of the Environment gives an explanation


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation provided an explanation on the mechanism that will be used to subsidize interest rates on loans taken out for the construction (modernization) of waste disposal facilities and introduction of recycling and sustainable water supply systems.

Modernization is a part of the federal target program Development of water management system of the Russian Federation during 2010–2020, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation in April 19, 2012, No. 350.

One of the main objectives of the program is the significant reduction of negative human impact on water installations. A mechanism for subsidizing interest rates is being provided as an economic incentive measure to attract private investments and to undertake a number of activities during the program period. This mechanism involves covering part of interest payments on loans, from the state budget, in the amount of three-quarters of the refinancing rate, as set by the National Bank of Russia.

Letter of the mechanism of subsidizing interest rates on loans taken for the implementation of investment projects
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