Representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia took part in the international «Gulf - a water area of cooperation»


During the meeting, participants noted that shall make all possible efforts to improve the environmental situation in the region of the Gulf of Finland. The main tasks for this purpose are: modernization of treatment facilities and the termination of the discharge of untreated sewage into the water bodies in the catchment area of the Gulf of Finland; gradual reduction of income of harmful substances into the marine environment; monitoring of the marine environment with the use of new technologies, installation of special equipment on board ships; marine spatial planning; combating oil spills; the creation of protected areas in the waters of the Gulf of Finland.

The event was part of the project of the tripartite cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland and the Republic of Estonia, the "Year of the Gulf of Finland in 2014" in St. Petersburg.

On behalf of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation participated Director of International Cooperation Department Nuritdin Inamov.

As the N.Inamov: "Since the beginning of the project" Year of the Gulf of Finland "has done considerable amount of work that allows us to say with confidence that the protection of the environment and ecology of the Baltic Sea have become closer and more understandable to most people."

Speaking about the activities carried out jointly with the Finnish and Estonian partners departments and the Director of the Department of Ministry of Russia said that the first time in 10 years, held a joint monitoring the waters of the Gulf of Finland. "An example of one of the achievements of the joint monitoring is the organization of data collection with the participation of experts of the three countries, the formation of a single database, as well as addressing the complex issue of how to inter-calibration. As you know, the question-calibration over the entire basin of the Baltic Sea has not yet been resolved, and we in the "Year of the Gulf of Finland 2014" managed to achieve this, "- he said.

During the meeting N.Inamov reported on the ongoing work of the Ministry of Russia planned to create the conditions for a more active participation of entrepreneurs in investment projects: "These projects are of regional significance, with emphasis on their environmental component. The proof of these words is an activity carried out in the framework of public-private partnership "St. Petersburg initiative. '"

"St. Petersburg Initiative" - a project which is of great ecological and socio-economic importance. It has brought together the business and scientific community, as well as non-governmental organizations, to create a fundamentally new regional network, which acts as a mechanism of public-private practical cooperation in order to promote cross-border cooperation, economically justified actions and projects for the benefit of the ecology of the Baltic Sea.

As part of the "St. Petersburg Initiative" has already begun work on specific projects.

The next meeting of the participants of the project is scheduled for October 23-24, 2014 in St. Petersburg.

Source: Press Service of the Ministry of Russia