"St. Petersburg initiative" celebrates the second anniversary. The results of the meeting held March 24-25, at the Ministry of natural resources.


First in 2015 plenary session of the St. Petersburg initiative, continued a series of events dedicated to environmental issues in the Baltic region. At the same time, Spbi as an international platform for public-private partnership goes beyond purely regional associations, expanding its geographic reach and engage new regions. The event reaffirmed its international status, gathering together representatives of the Baltic region, as well as participants from Kaliningrad, Novgorod regions, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Structurally, the meeting was built on the principle "from theory to practice" and traditionally opened with a section devoted to the presentation of changes in environmental legislation. Deputy Director of Department of state policy and regulation in the sphere of environment protection Ministry of natural resources Victoria Venchikova informed on the implementation of the legislation in sphere of best available technologies, the representative of the NP "housing Development" (subordinate organization of the Ministry of construction of Russia) Dmitry Budnitskii spoke about a new Russian legislation in the sphere of housing and communal services, and the chief of the Bureau of BAT the Institute SMT" Dmitry Skobelev highlighted aspects of the application of the concept of BAT in state regulation in Russia.

Special attention during the meeting was paid to the issues of practical implementation of the new provisions of the Russian legislation in the field of BAT, waste, utilities, etc., In particular, Tatiana Guseva (Russian chemical-technological University named after D. I. Mendeleev) talked about the first pilot projects for BAT implementation in Russia.

The meeting welcomed the Russian-German project, implemented jointly with KfW development Bank and the Company GIZ GmbH on the implementation of BAT in Russia, as well as the proposal made by the Director subordinated to the Ministry of natural resources of "Center of green standards" Rashid Ismailov, on the formation of a "road map" for use "green" standards in the framework of Spbi.

Playground SPBi was used for the presentation and discussion of new business technologies that reduce negative impacts on the environment, strengthening, thus, the position of Spbi as exchange of technologies and projects. In this regard, recognized the need for active use of the Internet site of the St. Petersburg initiative.

In the plenary session of Spbi the first Russian-Danish seminar, organized with the support of the Embassy and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Denmark to the development of cooperation between the two countries in the field of environmental protection. Topics BAT was the theme of the seminar, which was attended by the leading Danish companies developing their business in Russia, such as Grundfos, Hvidtved Larsen, Haldor Topsoe, Aalborg Engeneering and others. Moderator, Minister Plenipotentiary, Minister Counsellor, Embassy of Denmark in Moscow Mr. Steen Nerlove appreciated the progress achieved in cooperation with the Ministry of natural resources, noting that Danish companies operate in strict accordance with Russian legislation, mainstreaming policy of import substitution, and intend to continue to expand its presence in our country, including, by localizing production, creating new jobs. "St. Petersburg initiative becomes an important tool contributing to successful work in this direction.

Thus, among the newest and most promising projects Spbi project Novgorod Vodokanal, the implementation of which the use of new technologies may allow in the future to normalize the ecological situation of the river Volkhov and prevent the discharge of wash water from left Bank of wastewater treatment plants in Rowing. The project has received the support of the participants, but also aroused the interest of potential investors. In the future we plan to organize a separate meeting of the Steering and project committees Spbi in Veliky Novgorod for a comprehensive evaluation of the project and the prospects for its realization.

It was discussed current and future projects, including a project LLC Galiulin R. M. and others (unique Russian technology in the field of energy efficiency), the project of the Finnish company SET-group on solid waste management, the UNIDO project on the use of methane from landfills and recycling of electronic waste, a comprehensive system of environmental monitoring and conservation of the Russian company "Slot", a comprehensive monitoring system of water supply systems of the company "Siemens".

The management of waste will occupy a Central place in the programme of the Global forum, the International partnership for expanding services to local authorities on waste management" (IPLA-2015), which will be held under support of Ministry of Russia and St. Petersburg initiative in October 2015 inMoscow. The main objective of the forum is to identify ways to minimize field of waste disposal by transfer to the industrial processing and maximize the use of waste as a resource, given the global shortage of raw materials, energy and other natural resources.

The programme of the second day of the plenary session meeting of the Committee on environmental education and public relations. The section meeting was attended by representatives of the Department of international cooperation Ministry of natural resources, the Department of the state ecological supervision of Rostekhnadzor, the Interregional public organization "Environmental Union", Baltic Fund for nature, the Youth Council of the House of nationalities and NGO "Ecology and business".

The Chairman of the Interregional public organization "Environmental Union" Veronica tarbaeva presented a report on the activities of the Committee on environmental education. The head of the state ecological supervision of Rostekhnadzor Natalia Sokolova spoke about Innovative educational programs, projects and activities of Rosprirodnadzor.

Speakers noted with satisfaction the positive steps taken by the relevant ministries in the field of increasing environmental awareness of the population, development of environmental education and youth work. At the same time, agreed that the Playground Spbi can play a positive role in raising public attention to environmental issues and to help find the financial and human resources to specific tasks.

"A successful symbiosis of ideas, resources and performance is our main goal, which will allow to solve specific issues in the field of nature protection and greening of consciousness of people", - said the Chairman of the meeting, the Director of the Department of international cooperation Ministry of natural resources of Russia, represented Inamov in closing remarks and urged the participants to further strengthen the interaction, using professional contacts and opportunities provided SPBi.

Source: Ministry of natural resources




Program of the meeting