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The educational component of the St. Petersburg Initiative is to develop the existing experience of the “Baltic University” international program, which was co-created by Uppsala University, Swedish TV and Radio (the new name of the company is TERACOM) and the Swedish Space Corporation with the support of universities of Denmark and Finland.

Fourteen countries wholly or partially located within the catchment area of the Baltic Sea take part in the “Baltic University” program: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. At present, this is an educational network of more than 200 universities from 14 countries of the Baltic Sea Region.

St. Petersburg State University is the Russian center of this international university program. The Geography and Environmental Geoscience Department, where the students are trained mainly on the international program, uses innovative multimedia possibilities in arranging distance learning.

The universities represent nodal modules of the network of an educational institution of a new, successfully developing, international environmental institutional system.

Interactive teaching methods in the Baltic University contributed to the integration of students and teachers of the region into a single educational space.

During the last quarter of the century, this allowed formation of an international Baltic educational network.

This educational format is implemented in the course “Environmental Science in the Baltic Region”.

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The Baltic University Programme Center Directors Meeting Lodz and Nagawki, Poland,2013


20 years of participation of the university in the international education program "The Baltic university"

Ionov V., Saint-Petersburg state University


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